La Salsera

La Salsera is a factory for ideas and projects. Sometimes these are developed for other people, but in the majority of the cases they respond to our own initiative.

The different ideas we develop have a practical, innovative and social character, and are diverse in their objectives. However, in most cases they involve the use of marketing and communications tools.


Everything started with the 4 P’s. Then the segmentation and the differentiation came until Philip Kotler spoke about the Marketing 3.0. Bonds with customers, suppliers and competitors. To go from talking about customers to talk about people, collaborations and ways of using the technology.

We help you drawing up your route.


Branding is connecting the business strategy with the customer experience. In La Salsera we work in understanding you, and once that we have made a thorough analysis, when we know you, the creation begins. A good brand strategy helps creating links with customers. We work with you in order to make your brand the 1st choice.


Take a white tablecloth. Uncork it. Look at it carefully. Analyze its color complexity. Notice how it moves through the walls. Smell it. Shake it. Smell it again. Touch it. Drink it. Discover its flavors. Enjoy it.

If you have liked it, you will remember it.


We are transmedia. Communication strategy, communication campaigns and actions design and implementation, audiovisual production, content creation…

We tell the stories.